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Revolutionary AI Solutions For Retail Stores
Our Services

Our proprietary video analytics software provides customers shopping behavior analysis for offline physical storefronts. Combine with our online Business Intelligence platform. Retailers can use data to reduce operating costs, improve inventory management, enable precision marketing campaign and increase revenue.

Our Products

NexRetail uses proprietary AI Image recognition technology to detect the shopper’s age, gender, and shopping behavior for statistical analysis in real-time.  Our video analytic system can generate traffic heat maps for specific targeted customer groups,predict customer demands and estimate sales data

Our Teams

At NexRetail, every day is a new challenge. We pursue innovation, redefining artificial visual identification technology, big data, and the combination of storefronts and online e-commerce.

Our team members are from Qualcomm, Cisco, Facebook, Oracle and Taiwan Industrial Technology Institute. We are a group of enthusiastic teams eager to drive innovation and create products that we love and are proud of.

Our Clients
Our Clients
For more information, please contact us

We are willing to provide assistance on any product. Please contact us by phone, email or via social media channels.

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