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RSA Platform

RetailSense Analysis Management System

Analytical feedback is available instantly on the online platform, including Instant store data, monthly analysis reports. Unlike the traditional Point of Sale system, Retailers can respond to customer demographic profiles or in-store behavior in real-time. Functional tiering can correspond to the information needs of different levels of customers.

Store Heat Map

360° View for Store Traffic

Instantly understand the way the item is displayed, the store line, and the interactive process of consumer purchases

Customer Identification System

Biochip encryption identification and individual customer tracking system

Using AI chip identification technology, real-time character recognition: face, gender, age, and instantly establish encrypted user tags according to customer needs.

Store Interactive Behavioral Identification System


The motion capture device understands the customer interaction and shopping behavioral pattern; further master the customer classification and interaction mode. Respond to customer interaction with sales.

Business Intelligence


NexRetail uses proprietary AI Image recognition technology to detect the shopper’s age, gender, and shopping behavior for statistical analysis in real-time.  Our video analytic system can generate traffic heat maps for specific targeted customer groups, predict customer demands and estimate sales data

Adaptive Neural Processor Chip

Different from single instructed operations, deep neural video recognition computation system heavily relies on parallel calculations. In traditional X86 or ARM computing architecture, more computation means more power. This process is time-consuming and power-consuming, so it is necessary to find a higher-performance hardware architecture.



NexRetail team is dedicated to developing a new form of active deep learning computational algorithm on the proprietary ASIC hardware, which can reduce the need for a large number of computation. Provide more efficient parallel calculations and acquire store data in real-time.

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