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AI Revolution in Retail
RetailSense Analysis Platform

The general physical store apparel consumption process is extremely cumbersome. Customers often spend a lot of time looking for the right product. These processes include the need for customers to screen out a wide range of physical items for possible products, picking, trying on, inspecting, and finally coming to purchase. In the selection process, the size of the clothing is often not applicable, the color style is not applicable, the material does not meet the expectations of the consumer, the store staff is insufficient to provide sufficient help to the customer, and the customer cannot obtain satisfactory shopping experience.

    The consumption of online clothing is even more troubling. Although online stores offer a wider variety of options. However, because it is impossible to see and try on the product with your own eyes, the information is asymmetrical, which ultimately leads to customer dissatisfaction and return.

    In 2015, Internet e-commerce had an annual growth of 10.5%. However, US physical retail sales still accounted for 89.5% of the total consumption. 

    This data illustrates the irreplaceability of physical retailers, and people still prefer to go to physical stores. But this data also shows that Google, Facebook, nearly 90% of physical store consumption behavior may not be tracked and analyzed.

Our Team
James Wu, Founder/CEO

William Hsu, Co-founder/ COO

UCSD/Cal Poly MSEE, UCLA Software Application Engineer, NTNU MBA, USC EMBA,  Formal Qualcomm and Cisco digital hardware engineer

Currently working on ASIC AI chip and AI class neural computing model development and enterprise management

CalPoly MSME, Formal Product Manager from BestCare Inc.


Currently committed to software platform development and operation management

Ning Yuan Lyu, CTO

Tina Hsih, CBDO


Ph.D., Department of Physics, Tsinghua University, Taiwan. Former Institute of Technology Data Application Researcher


Currently working on AI deep learning data model development and recurrent neural network development

Bachelor of Business Administration, Taiwan Normal University.


Expertise in online marketing, Google Analytics website traffic analysis. Co-author of "Finding strategies in data: Google Analytics case report analysis" and "Traffic analysis and exam questions: Google Analytics

Currently focused on marketing and product market development

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